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There are many way to get rare resources in Rise of Agon. There are five harvesting skills, Mining, Logging, Herb Gathering, Fishing and Digging. The first four also have a mastery skill.

Harvesting and Zones

Depending on weather the tile you are harvesting in is a Capital, Lawfull or Lawless tile depends on how many resources you get when harvesting. This only works for Mining and Wood Cutting. You can tell the type of tile you are in my looking at the text at the bottom of you minimap.

Capital Area: 1-3, Lawful Area: 3-5, Lawless Area: 4-6

Agon is filled with nodes that players can hit for resources. These nodes include trees, rocks, iron veins, special ore veins, sand/dirt, bushes and bodies of water.

To start gathering, all you have to do is click the node using one of the necessary gathering tools.

Gathering Tools

In order to gather most of the nodes throughout the world of Agon, a player must equip the necessary gathering tool. These tools can be crafter, bought at the market, bought from NPCs or bought at the Nithron Shop. The Nithron Shop Nithron Shop offers special tools that are "blessed" and won't drop on death. Some tools include sickles, pickaxes, etc.

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