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Scattered all over Agon are dungeons where additional creatures and treasure await. You can access these monsters through portal entrances in the main world. Upon activation, your character will channel briefly and load into the dungeon. You cannot move while this channeling is taking place.

Dungeons in Rise of Agon are instanced areas separate from the main world but accessible by anyone. Meaning that other players can come into your dungeon at any time. To survive you must be careful.

Some dungeons contain quests and have NPCs that sell small amounts of materials. There is always a starter quest followed by a main quest. The main quest can be repeated every 22 hours.

All the dungeons contain rare chests which can be opened with a rare chest key i.e Veilron Chest needs a Veilron Key.

In order to exit a dungeon, you can either bindstone recall away to your Bindstone, Capital Recall to Sanguine, recall to your house or reach the exit portal somewhere in the dungeon. No two dungeons in Agon are the same, so you must explore to find the exits.

Dungeon Daily Quest

For the daily quest you get 3500 gold, 2000 meditation points and a random reward. The random reward is normally very good.

Dwarf Lands

Otredale (2x Veliron Chests) Kill 15 Undead Dwarfs
Istind (Neithal chest) Kill 10 Tomb Iklits
Svartvann (Neithal chest) Kill 20 Svartdvegir Initates, 20 Svartdvegir Nightaxes, 20 Svartdvegir Summoners, 7 Svartdvegir Generals & 5 Svartdvegir Doombringers

Elf Lands

Myntharn (Leenspar Chest) Kill 40 Cave Trolls
Kaerdan (Neithal & Veilron Chests) Kill 30 Cave Spiders
Sirith Dain (2x Chest) Kill 15 Cave Hags

Human Lands

Winterworth (Neithal & Veilron Chests) Kill 30 Cave Spiders
Scarbourne (Veilron Chest) Kill 40 Cave Trolls
Central Sandstone (Veilron Chest) Kill 30 Crypt Guards

Wolf Lands

Larethain (Veilron Chest) Kill 25 Sarlid Darkweavers
Meldanyr (Veilron Chest) Kill 30 Crypt Guards

Alfar Lands

Velmuna (2x Veilron Chests) Kill 25 Shade Salamander
Ahu Ishtra (Neithal Chest) Kill 10 Tomb Iklits

Ork Lands

Banegorge (Veilron Chest) Kill 15 Cave Hags
Hardruk (Neithal & Veilron Chests) Kill 20 Shadow Spirts

Things to note:

Remember to take your chest keys and hand them in during your daily.

Spiders drop Spider Glue a resource used in high end Dye crafting. The Cave Spiders Quest also goes towards your 50 Spiders Daily Tasks. Complete both at the same time

Cave Trolls drop the Noble Periwinkle pigment a extra bonus that can sell well on the Market.

Shadow Spirts need to be damaged by magic so bring Transmuted Weapons if Melee/Archer. They do drop Portal Shards which is nice.

Tomb Iklits drop the Q3 Venom Sac used in the Staff Magnitude Enchant and Stamina Efficency Enchant