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In Rise of Agon, a player can build and/or own a house for personal use. A Premium game account is essential for house ownership. You can get a Premium game account here.

How to obtain a house

Building a house


Necessary Crafting Skills and Components

Table 1: The actual necessary amount of crafting materials depends on the size of the house to be built (which are listed in Table 2).

Crafting skill Skill level Crafted item Components
Alchemy 50 Deed Seal

20 Carnauba Wax
20 Flatsedge Plants

Scribing 50 Deed Draft

25 Cephalopod Ink
25 Papyrus Plants

Construction 25 Housing Module

75 Iron Ingots
150 Oak Planks
4 Mahogany Planks
250 Stones
10 Limestones

Cooking Mastery 50 Cephalopod Ink

1 Squid

Furthermore, at least two Building Permits are necessary for the crafting process. Building Permits can be bought from an NPC councillor or from players at The Market.

Table 2: Necessary Components for different types of Deeds at a glance:

Crafting Skill Level Crafted item Components
Scribing 50 Cottage Deed

25 Housing Modules
1 Deed Seal
1 Deed Draft
2 Building Permits

Scribing 50 House Deed

50 Housing Modules
1 Deed Seal
1 Deed Draft
4 Building Permits

Scribing 50 Villa Deed

100 Housing Modules
1 Deed Seal
1 Deed Draft
8 Building Permits

Scribing 50 Large Villa Deed

250 Housing Modules
1 Deed Seal
1 Deed Draft
16 Building Permits

Scribing 50 Keep Deed

500 Housing Modules
1 Deed Seal
1 Deed Draft
32 Building Permits

Capturing a vacant house

House items

Craftable house items

Non craftable house items

House locations


Continent Village
Agon Hymeland
Agon Neithstone Reach
Agon Sarthan Sea
Agon Savaril
Agon Xirdak
Agon Harjik
Agon Elish
Agon Valley Of The Kings
Agon Aldenfau
Agon Ryhandel
Agon Blackwood
Agon Gul Jarnath
Agon Anshar
Agon Lake Garnadar
Agon Ozenhal
Agon Ashatan
Agon Nymgate
Agon Zanthia
Agon Lainstone
Agon Darkmouth
Agon Chilbourne
Agon Duke's Landing
Agon Outer Cranwyn Bay
Agon Trinwood
Agon Kuldnak
Agon Osdnak
Agon Laurgul
Agon Orthok
Agon Namlit
Agon Aziram
Agon Three Pirates
Agon Eltaria
Agon Jamukar's Fall
Niflheim Baslan's Escape
Niflheim Bjonlmir
Niflheim Snowfort
Niflheim Geodin's Song
Niflheim Kydolnyr
Niflheim Eyrkla's Shadow
Yssam Water Gem
Yssam Caxul
Yssam Owayhan
Yssam Huelhucan
Yssam Ehetil
Yssam Quica
Cairn Gunseran
Cairn Rhodenar
Cairn Vakrah
Cairn Khalbun
Cairn Hundvin
Rubaiyat Phynakh
Rubaiyat Fahnark
Rubaiyat Erraniyat
Rubaiyat Alhali

House spots in the wilderness

There are several house spots in the wilderness. Look out for them when travelling the lands of Agon!

House ownership

Paying taxes

Loss of house ownership

Inviting guests

Selling your house

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