Player Cities and Sieging

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The Player City of Alberworth

Player Cities and Hamlets

All over Agon are player built cities and hamlets. They're spread far and wide all across the mainland and sub continents. Each Player City and Hamlet is different from the next. If you are part of the owning clan or in a friendly alliance, you can live completely in a player city or hamlet. They all have banks, crafting stations, a few NPC vendors, merchants and a portal chamber. Player Cities have skill trainers and also generally contain more guard towers, walls and supportive structures like barracks and a guild hall.


Note: Denizens of players cities and hamlets may not take kindly to strangers. If you get to close, you may draw the attention of one of the automated guard towers. Or worse yet, an unfriendly player. Keep your eyes peeled when exploring Agon. That city in the distance may be full or monsters or unfriendly players!

A group of players preparing to siege

Taking a Player City or Hamlet

To take a player city for your own, you have to siege it from the previous owners. To do that, you have to declare war on the controlling clan and drop a siege stone. 24 hours from the time the stone is dropped (plus or minus server maintenance time), the stones will become vulnerable. 30 minutes later, the city or hamlet's bindstone will be open to siege. Attacking players can then use battlespikes or cannons to destroy the bindstone and take the city. If the attacker's siege stones are destroyed before they destroy the bindstone, the siege will instantly end in defeat for the attackers. Also, if enough time passes, the siege will end in defeat for the attackers.

Sieging a city or hamlet is very difficult. Defending forces will rally using their fortifications to their advantage. Cannon towers, flame throwers and guard towers all await the attacking forces. Declaring war, buying materials, cannons, battlespikes, ships and equipping your siege forces with the best gear is very costly. Despite this, to the victor go the spoils. It should also be noted that there are number requirements for sieging cities and hamlets. One needs a clan of at least 10 people to siege a city, and at least 3 people to siege a hamlet.

A siege in Rise of Agon is one of the most epic and exciting events one can witness. Head over to and check out some player made siege videos to see the chaos for yourself.