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The aftermath of a naval battle
A player ressing a friend during a battle.
A thrilling siege between new player clans.

Darkfall: Rise of Agon has a unique combat system utilizing first-person combat and real-time hit detection. Players wielding magic staves and bows are locked in first-person shooter view. Unsheathing a melee weapon places characters in a close third-person view. Tab targeting is not used whatsoever and friendly fire is enabled, so be wary to not injure an ally or heal an enemy. Darkfall: Rise of Agon’s skill-based combat is unparalleled among MMORPG’s.

Darkfall: Rise of Agon prides itself in allowing absolute player freedom. Players are free to attack, murder, and loot one another should they wish, but such actions do not go unpunished. An Alignment system exists to ensure that good and evil deeds are recognized. Players will have to weigh the Risk vs Reward.

Darkfall: Rise of Agon is a Hardcore, Full-Loot PvP MMORPG. Every item on a character is lootable upon death.

Choosing your Race and learning your Combat skills will be critical to your survival!

For more information and examples of real PvP, viist and watch some of the latest PvP videos.

You can also visit the Beginners Guide section to get advice and tips on how to get started in Rise of Agon! You can also visit the Player Cities and Sieging page to learn about one of the most epic sources of PvP in Rise of Agon: Conquest!

Weapon Reach Angle Speed
Knives 1.8 70 0.9
1h Swords 2.1 60 0.6
1h Axes 2.1 60 0.5
1h Chub 2.1 60 0.5
2h Swords 2.45 60 0.4
2h Axes 2.5 60 0.3
2h Club 2.5 60 0.3
Polearms 2.7 80 0.1
Sithras 2.2 55 0.3
Race Male Reach Female Reach
Alfar 2.48 2.46
Dwarf 2.5 2.48
Human 2.52 2.48
Mahirim 2.639 2.613
Mirdain 2.544 2.544
Ork 2.585 2.577
A village with player houses


The measure of how Blue or Red a character is. Killing other players that have positive alignment will lower your own alignment. You will lose a certain amount of alignment by downing a blue player and more by ganking. If your alignment drops too far below 0, NPC guard towers in capitals will attack you. If your alignment falls even further, you will not be welcome in any NPC city.

There are also titles associated with certain alignments. Getting -1000 alignment will give you the title of Villain and +1000 will give you the title of Saint.

You can regain alignment by farming monsters in dungeons around Agon.

Your aligment can be seen under your mana bar.


All across Agon are villages. These are areas in the world where player houses can be placed. No two villages are alike. Villages can go active between once or several times a day. When a village is active, a you can go to village a capture it! The capturing party gets valuable rare loot and materials.

A village billboard in Sanguine

To capture a village, you must control the majority of the control points. Each village has three control platforms on the outskirts of the village. To control if you must stand on it until it flips over to your control. You can use the village UI element to track control of the three points. Watch out for other clans coming to capture the village!

A cluster of villages go live in the world every 30 minutes. Some villages are hot spots and often see PvP whereas others, are much more quiet.

Village loot is regionalized. So the loot you get will reflect the location of the village in the world. For example: villages on the coast will see more ship mods than villages in the center.

To get to a village to try and capture it, you can visit a Village Billboard in any NPC capital or player city. The cost of transport to a active village is 1500 gold from a Player City and 3000 gold from a NPC City.