Predators of the Deep

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Fight the denizens of the deep to receive the Tide Chaser title!

Stage 1/4

In the depths of the ocean water and blood intertwine. Wreckages decorate the ocean floor, within their cabins await long forgotten treasure, all that remains is for someone with a wall strong enough to brave the depths, overcome its denizens, and retrieve what is his.
Target: Great White
Amount: 200

  • Meditation Points : 6000
  • Veilron Chest Key : 1
  • Empty Bottle : 100
  • Hivekin Claw(Q2) : 50

Stage 2/4

Matayins are very dangerous in the water, tread carefully
Target: Greater Matayin
Amount: 100

Stage 3/4

Before you can attempt the ultimate nautical challenge you must first overcome sea serpents.
Target: Seaserpents
Amount: 50

Stage 4/4

It's time for a real challenge, krakens. Swords and magic will not do, to defeat them you'll need a ship and crew. Get your cannons ready!
Target: Kraken
Amount: 20

Title Rewards

the Tide Chaser

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