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The research system is a new supplemental leveling system that can be used to level crafting skills, limited to dyes at the moment but will be expanded to include all crafting skills.

Researching Dyes

To begin, you will need to have level 50 Scribing, and you will also have to be at a Laboratory crafting station. Next, you will also need a piece of dyed armor, and a dye crafting schematic. More information about dyeing armor can be found on the Dye Crafting page.

A blank Dye Crafting Schematic

To create a dye crafting schematic, you need the following components:

The components for creating a blank Dye Crafting Schematic
  • 50 papyrus - gathered from papyrus that can be found while roaming the world of Agon
Description of Papyrus Plant
  • 1 cephalopod ink - processed from squids, or looted from Krakens. Also available as a rare drop from Trade Routes.
Description of Cephalopod Ink
  • It is important to note that while this may sound expensive for a casual player, every 50 papyrus and 1 ink will create 25 Blank Dye Schematics.
A Completed Dye Crafting Schematic

Once you have a piece of dyed armor and a Blank Dye Schematic, simply double click the Black Dye Schematic, and click the dyed armor. Please note that this WILL consume the armor piece!

Once this process is completed, you will have a Dye Crafting Schematic. This Schematic will have an 'item tier' which will be the same as the tier of dye that was on the armor piece used. In example, an armor piece died with a level 1 dye, such as Bark Brown, will become an Item Tier 1 Dye Crafting Schematic. These tiers will be used to determine how much experience you receive from the schematic.

Research tab, with the Research slot empty

To begin researching the schematic, place it in the Research tab on your character screen (accessed by hitting 'P').

Research tab, with the Research slot in use

Once the Dye Crafting Schematic has been placed into your Research tab, you can see several different aspects:

  • Item Tier - the Tier of the dye that was placed on the armor.
  • Research Time - the approximate amount of time that the Research will take.
  • Projected Level - the approximate level you will be once the Research is finished.


The higher the durability of the item used for Dye Crafting, the more Research time will be needed, and the higher your projected level will be.

As you progress higher in dye crafting, you will need to use Dye Crafting Schematics of higher tiers. To obtain the maximum skill gains, it is recommended to always use the same item tier as your dye crafting level. In Example:

  • Level 1: Tier 1 dyes (Apple Green through Grave Grey)
  • Level 25: Tier 2 dyes (Icy Aquamarine through Summer Peach)
  • Level 50: Tier 3 dyes (Lava Red through Sky Blue)
  • Level 75: Tier 4 dyes (Chocolate Brown through Noble Periwinkle)

Dyes bought from the Nithron Shop should NOT be used in Research, as they do not give any skill gains.