Shulgan Drake

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Shulgan Drakes are the racial mounts that are the mainstay of the Alfars.  To summon a Drake, one need only to be of the Alfar Race, to have the taming skill unlocked, and to have 1 steedgrass in their inventory.


Health: 300
Stamina: 200
Required for Summoning: Level 1 Taming Skill, 1 Steedgrass


The cunning Shulgan Drake figurine
The origin of the Shulgan Drake is shrouded in mystery.  Some say that, much like the Alfar race, Melek himself had a hand in creating Shulgan Drakes from Eradans.  Using twisted dark magics, as well as the artifact known as the Silver Circlet, it would have been a trivial task.  But whether this is the truth, or a tale reserved for bedtime stories used to scare young children, no one can say for sure.
A summoned Shulgan Drake
For certain, however, is the fact that Shulgan Drakes are easily the most cunning and ruthless of mounts in Agon.  They have been known to throw riders whom they deem unworthy of their services, often at the most inopportune of times!  While quite vicious and intelligent, one had best keep their wits about them when they ride a Shulgan Drake into battle!