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A Black Knight.

Developing skills and stats.


Advancing through PvE

The most natural way to advance your character is to go out into the world and hunt for mobs to engage. Agon is full of creatures of all sorts and for all skill levels. Use the Monsters page as well as the ingame map to find creatures within your skill level to fight.

When looking for mobs to farm, it is important to keep in mind your distance from a friendly bank as well as what materials the monster drops. Try to look for something you can safely farm that drops materials you need.

Advancing through Spell Scrolls or Skill Books

In Rise of Agon you can also advance your character by crafting Spell Scrolls or Skill Books using the Scribing crafting skill.

Spell Scrolls are scrolls you can consume to level up a certain spell. You can craft a spell scroll by having a quill, essences of the school of the spell and the required gold. Scrolls can be crafted at the alchemist bench. For example, if you want to level up your fireball spell, you would need to take your quill, fire essence and some gold to the alchemist bench. The associated crafting skill is Scribing. Higher scribing will unlock the ability to craft higher tier spell scrolls.

Skill Books can be used to raise your specific melee or archery skills. For example, if you want to raise your power attack skill with your greatsword, you'll need to craft a greatsword power attack book and consume it.

You can craft books at the alchemy bench with a quill, pages and a book. It also uses the scribing skill.

This method of skilling consumes Papyrus and gold which can get expensive. Refer to the information below before committing a lot of gold into scribing. Level 4 is considered viable for most spells and skills, a minor advantage at level 5 comes at massive increase in cost.

Additional information

It takes 186 scrolls or books to level a spell / skill from level 0 to level 5.

From level 0 > level 1 takes 9 scrolls or books.

From level 1 > level 2 takes 11 scrolls or books.

From level 2 > level 3 takes 16 scrolls or books.

From level 3 > level 4 takes 27 scrolls or books.

From level 4 > level 5 takes 123 scrolls or books.

Scrolls and books will also provide stats relevant to the skills that they raise. For example consuming a scroll will increase Intelligence, while consuming a Disabling Shot book (for Archery) will increase Vitality, Quickness, Dexterity.

Advancing through meditation

Lastly, you can advance your character through meditating a skill or stat which will passivly level while you are online or offline. You gain meditation points through completing quests from NPCs or tasks from the task book.

The meditation screen is in your ingame journal. You can access it by clicking on the icon at the top that looks like a quill. Go into meditation, choose the skill or spell you want meditation, check it, enable meditation and then save changes. The skill will start training while you're offline. The higher the skill, the longer it will take to meditate. You consume roughly 5500 to 6000 meditation points per 24 hours.

Note: Make sure to change your trained skill to something else once it reaches 100. If left, it will automatically select another skill at random.

Sources of meditation

Some dungeons have quests often referred to as daily quests, which are on a 21h cooldown. These are a solid source of meditation, and can be very profitable when combined with keys for treasure chests in these dungeons.

A Fire Dragon breathing fire


You can raise stats naturally by gathering, fighting monsters, crafting and so forth up to 110. To get to 120 stats you must drink stat potions.

Drinking stat potions

By far, the quickest way to level up your stats is by drinking stat potions. They drop off of certain mobs and are given as rewards for completing NPC quests. You can also buy these from the player auction house.

+5 stat pots (Necter of the Gods)

When starting out questing and completing tasks you will be rewarded with potions that boost all your stats by 5 up to 75. You start with 20 in each stat so only need 11 of these potions to get to 75. If you use a potion from 72 in a stat it will put you at 77, but if you have 75.00 or higher you will not get anything for that stat, the potions will continue to work on any stat that is below 75 regardless of other stats being above 75.

100 stat pots

These drop from all regular mobs and are fairly common, they are often referred to as 100 stat pots or 100 pots because they raise stats up to 100. The pots are specifically for one stat and give 1 point.

110 stat pots

These potions are acquired primarily from the Guardian monster in middle map and work in the same way as the 100 pots. The spawns are often contested over and are a high risk, high reward activity as the potions can be worth a nice chunk of cash. They are also a possible random reward from completing mainland dungeon quests.

120 stat pots

120 pots are the most sought after and the most difficult to acquire, they are looted from Champions which require a solid group to defeat. Due to the difficulty of the PvE encounter and very high risk of being attacked by enemy players the potions are worth massive amounts of gold. Champions can now be only found in the Center and on the Islands which are Lawless areas.


Harvesting activities will raise your character's stats. Mining, chopping trees, harvesting bushes and fishing all raise your stats, albet slowly.

Mining increases Vitality, Strength, Wisdom.

Logging increases Strength, Vitality, Wisdom.

Gathering increases Wisdom, Intelligence.

Fishing increases Wisdom.

(Most gains > Least gains)