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Template:Smelting Smelting is the act of processing ores. Unlike most crafting, Smelting needs to be done in a smelter.

Player standing next to a smelter.
Input Output
5 Iron ore 2 Iron Ingot
2 Selentine Ore 1 Selentine Ingot
2 Veilron Ore 1 Veilron Ingot
2 Neithal Ore 1 Neithal Ingot
2 Leenspar Ore 1 Leenspar Ingot
2 Theyril Ore 1 Theyril Ingot

Players can also craft Empty bottles that are used in Alchemy using 10 Gold + 5 Sand.

Some Monsters across Agon drop rare ores upon death. To see which mobs drop which ores, consult this chart created by Ryco Stormeye. Consult the Agon world map to find these locations!

Location Ore Mob
Mainland Seletine Seletine Golem
Yssam Veilron Vielron Golem
Niffleheim Neithal Neithal Golem
Cairn Leensapr Leenspar Golem
Rubiyat Theyril Theyril Golem