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A Scroll Containing The Deer Huntress title
The current look of the Saint title in game
The current look of a Custom title in game

List of all titles from Tasks

Titles acquired through alignment

  • Saint - requires 1000 positive alignment, for an unbroken 2 week period
  • Villain - requires 1000 negative alignment, for an unbroken 2 week period

Titles acquired through the purchase of Supporter Packs


  • All titles besides those acquired through alignment are Suffix Titles (they go at the end of your character name)
  • Alignment based titles also change the color of a player's name (assuming they aren't allied to the viewer). Sainted characters are White, and Villian characters are red.
  • You can equip one Alignment Title and one other title at a time. For example, you could be Saint FirstName LastName the Loyal
  • If you are the top donator of the month, you can apply for a custom title. It is unknown how many of those titles currently exist.