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Transfering Stats in Rise of Agon

While adventuring in Rise of Agon, you will inevitably lose mana, health and stamina. To replenish these quickly, you can use your transfer spells. These three spells are of critical importance in managing your 3 stat pools and ensuring you can continue to fight.

There are 3 transfer spells for each stat. You can find them on your hotbar when you begin and in your spellbook under Lesser Magic. Each transfer becomes more efficient as the skill levels. Casting the spells will level them. They can also be leveled by using Spell Scrolls.

Health to Mana

Healthtomana.jpg Health to mana damages your health and returns your mana.

Stamina to Health

Staminatohealth.jpg Stamina to Health damages your stamina pool and returns missing HP.

Mana to Stamina

Manatostamina.jpg Mana to Stamina damages your mana pool and returns missing stamina.


Transfers cost no reagents and are meant to be used often. Don't hesitate to transfer your stats around to replenish whatever you've lost! Put the spells on easy to reach locations on your hotbar or in your keybinds.