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Welcome to Rise of Agon!

An epic fantasy MMORPG set in the dynamic handcrafted world of Agon, where character progression is not restricted to predefined paths. With no classes or levels, players have the freedom to mold their character to fit their own personalized play style. The unique fighting system embraces twitch-based, first-person combat and full loot mechanics which drives the foundation of risk versus reward. Forge alliances with neighboring clans to lay claim to territory, wage war against those who seek to disrupt it and be a driving force behind the political landscape of Agon.

Discover the world of Agon, a realm filled with verdant forests and dry wastelands, quirky and dangerous creatures, and kingdoms built by players. With no instances and only one server, massive open-world battles can begin at any moment. Always look over your shoulder in the world of Agon, because nowhere is safe, and everywhere is full of potential danger!

The threat of death has real consequences, with the penalty being that players’ bodies become fully lootable in certain areas. This adrenaline rush is intensified by the combat system, which applies real-world physics and free aim to a first-person point of view. What separates you from your opponent in combat is real-life skill in controlling your character.

Your first steps

Agon can be a dangerous place. There are over 260 different types of dangerous monsters ready to waylay an unprepared traveler. The first thing a new arrival will have to grapple with is the controls. You won't survive long if you don't know your way around the interface.

There are several good videos for learning the basics of the game.

Basic Controls and Skills Videos

Combat Basics

Once you've mastered the basics of getting around in Rise of Agon and are familiar with your controls, it's time to put yourself out there and have an adventure. There are several good videos that do an excellent job of explaining what some of your next steps might be.

Combat Basics Videos

A group of players running to their ships

Crafting Basics

Every item, whether it is a sword, a mount or a raft, is craftable by each player. Gather raw materials from wildlife and monster corpses or by mining, woodcutting, fishing, and foraging to create your own weapons, armor, food, mounts, ships and house deeds. Rare materials can be used to create top-tier items that only a player can create.

Rise of Agon has a real economy where crafters are highly sought after. Watch these videos to learn how to start your crafting business.

Crafting System Videos

Fight Commentary

If combat in Rise of Agon is something you're interested in, there are several really excellent narrations of real fights. These give you a glimpse into the strategy, skill and excitement Rise of Agon has to offer. In Rise of Agon, an encounter with another player can come out of nowhere and strike unexpectedly. There are no safe zones, so if you want to survive your encounters, watch these videos from real-world PvP encounters. These videos are reflections taken from real battles from the personal perspective of the fighters. They will give you important insights into mid-battle decision making that you'll need to come out on top in Rise of Agon.

Fight Narration Videos

Additional Information

For a wider selection of videos, including advanced techniques and examples of popular play styles, visit Bartlebe's Video Thread on the official Rise of Agon forums. Also, watch some PvP videos posted by our community in the Rise of Agon Video section.

Also, check out the information on some of the other wiki pages! Races, Combat and Player vs Player.

Good luck Agonians! And Welcome to Rise of Agon!