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There are 9 different weapons types in Rise of Agon. The one handed weapons should be used with a shield. They cannot be dual wielded.

Each weapon has different skills: Power Attack, Whirlwind, Disable, Knockback and Seize. They all have different ranges and swing speeds. Each weapon's Power Attack has a different debuff it will put on the target. e.g. bleed, armor reduction, debuff.

One Handed Weapons
Two Handed Weapons
Great Axes
Great Clubs
Great Swords

Melee is the fastest way to deal damage in Rise of Agon. But with high reward, comes high risk. Many Monsters will melee you in return. The highest DPS melee weapon are the knives. However, they are extremely short range.

The more you use a melee weapon on a Monsters the more you will skill up with that weapon.

Weapon Reach Angle Speed
Knives 1.8 70 0.9
1h Swords 2.1 60 0.6
1h Axes 2.1 60 0.5
1h Chub 2.1 60 0.5
2h Swords 2.45 60 0.4
2h Axes 2.5 60 0.3
2h Club 2.5 60 0.3
Polearms 2.7 80 0.1
Sithras 2.2 55 0.3


You can use Archery by equipping arrows and a bow. Better bows may do more damage. The only archery skill currently available is Disabling Shot. This will prevent your target from using their Parry ability. There are two types of arrows, regular arrows which you can get from mobs or NPCs or Fine Arrows which are crafted by players. Fine Arrows do alot more damage per shot than regular arrows.


There are multiple schools of magic. There are four forms of elemental magic, your two base lines (lesser and great magic), and four specialty forms of magic, Spellchanting, Arcane, Witchcraft and Necromancy. To cast a spell, you must first have a magic staff equipped. The higher the magnitude of the staff, the most powerful the spell will be. Also, the heavier your armor, the slower and weaker your spells will be. Additionally, you cannot cast spells under water.

Lesser Magic Greater Magic
Air Fire Water Earth
Arcane Necromancy Spell Chanting Witchcraft

Aside from all Lesser Magic spells, all spells in Darkfall require reagents to cast. If you want to use these spells, you will have to have the proper reagents in your inventory. There are six reagents: Ashe, Bone, Nacre, Mandrake, Resin, Sulfur. You find buy them from NPC merchants, on the auction house, through herbalism gather or from killing Monsters.

The magic system in Darkfall is complex and there are buffs, debuffs, damage and utility spells all contained within the various spell schools. Spells that do precise damage or wide spread damage. Other spells that blind people or knock them away. The more you cast spells on a monster target, the more it will level and the stronger it will be.

Transfering Stats in Darkfall

While adventuring in Darkfall, you will inevitably lose mana, health and stamina. To replenish these quickly, you can use your transfer spells. These three spells are of critical importance in managing your 3 stat pools and ensuring you can continue to fight.

There are 3 transfer spells for each stat. You can find them on your hotbar when you begin and in your spellbook under Lesser Magic. Each transfer becomes more efficient as the skill levels. Casting the spells will level them. They can also be leveled by using Spell Scrolls.

Health to Mana

Healthtomana.jpg Health to mana damages your health and returns your mana.

Stamina to Health

Staminatohealth.jpg Stamina to Health damages your stamina pool and returns missing HP.

Mana to Stamina

Manatostamina.jpg Mana to Stamina damages your mana pool and returns missing stamina.


Transfers cost no reagents and are meant to be used often. Don't hesitate to transfer your stats around to replenish whatever you've lost! Put the spells on easy to reach locations on your hotbar or in your keybinds.

Healing Others in Darkfall

At some point, in your adventures, your companions will undoubtedly get hurt. The wise adventure will be prepared with their Heal Other spells. These spells are of critical importance for every playstyle to use and learn.

Heal Other spells in Darkfall are aimed spells. Meaning that in order to heal them, you have to hit them directly with the spell. Hitting them from the back will heal more than healing them from the front. Use your Heal other spells in rotation to heal up your target quickly. E.g. Heal Other>Sacrifice>Lay on Hands>Heal Other.


(School: Greater Magic)


(School: Spell Chanting)


(School: Lesser Magic)


(School: Spell Chanting)

Healing Your Character in Darkfall

The most important healing spells you have in Darkfall are Transfer spells. Next to that, you have several other spells you can use to heal yourself.


(School: Lesser Magic)


(School: Witchcraft)

Note: This spell's radius can be used to heal your team mates that are close enough.


(School: Necromancy

Note: This spell damages your target and deals more damage from the back. Use it on mobs not on friends. Also, avoid using in an NPC city. It will be considered an attack.

There are also several others ways to heal your character in Darkfall. You can drink a health potion or rest.


Movement Spells in Darkfall

One of the things that makes Darkfall so unique is that you can use spells to propel yourself or others around the map. These spells all have different mechanics and movement potential.

Movement spells count as attacks. Be careful who you cast it on and where. If you're within an NPC city, you will be attacked by the guard towers. If its on another player, you may flag yourself for PvP!


(School: Greater Magic}

Note: One of the most important movement spells. Shoot it slightly in front of yourself while sprinting to propel yourself or directly at an enemy to knock them away. The higher the rank, the more powerful the movement.


(School: Greater Magic)

Note: Can also be used to move yourself by shooting at the feet while sprinting.


(School: Greater Magic)


(School: Lesser Magic)

Note: To use, stand facing a wall while up against it. Aim the spell slightly above your character's eye level.


(School: Fire Magic)

Note: Creates a small explosion at your feet and knocks your character into the air. Best used in conjunction with other movement spells like Telekinesis or Stormblast.


(School: Air Magic)

Note: works similar to Begone but has more vertical movement than horizontal. Can be used on the run or while at rest.


(School: Air Magic)

Note: Can be used on friends or on enemy players. No effect on Monsters. Has a stronger effect if the target is air born.


In Darkfall, once you're moving horizontally, you can use bunnyhopping to continue your movement. This will allow you to keep your momentum and escape danger!

For a good video explanation: