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Races of Darkfall


There are six playable races in Darkfall. Unlike other MMOG's, racial choice does not heavily influence your characters' choices or progression options: 95% of the skills may be learned regardless of your race, and the remainder are Prestige and Racial abilities. Each race begins play in its own homeland, and has its own unique storylines, histories, and racial alliances and enemies. The races are as follows:



The Alfar are the cruel, hate-spawned cousins of the Mirdain. Abducted eons ago by their insane god-king Melek, these former Mirdain have been mutated and warped by his diabolical influence into fearless, rage-driven killers. Alfars are the smallest of all playable races in the world of Agon. They have a smaller hitbox than other races but lack the melee reach as well as the height advantage of other races when using magic. Alfars have a natural resistance to magic and specialize in crafting durable magic staves. They live in the southern portion of Agon, a desolate place covered in rocks, mud and giant mushrooms.



The Dwarves prefer to live underground, away from the troubles of the surface, but recently their capital has begun to expand upward and there are a few settlements on ground level. Dwarves are just as small in height as alfars, they are however considerably larger. Dwarves are able to use Dwarven Perseverance, a unique ability reducing stamina cost of melee attacks. They are also known for their ability to craft high quality armor and weapons. They live in the northern parts of Agon in valleys surrounded by snow covered mountains.



Humans are the median race, their melee reach is right in the middle. Their racial abilities are passives giving them longer duration buffs and active time of food making. This makes them the ideal race if you like to support your teammates. Human settlements are located on the south-east of Agon.



Mahirims are the tallest race in Agon. Humanoids with wolf-life features, Mahirims are also the most nimble race. Their thick fur grants them protection against Blades and arrows. They live in large wooden structures on the north-west of Agon in a land whose trees adopt the colours of Autumn year-round. Mahirim have increased movement speed and a natural protection bonus against melee and archery attacks.



Mirdains are taller than humans. Mirdains have fantastic eyesight, making them ideal scouts to identify enemies. Coupled with their dexterity, they are some of the best archers of Agon. Mirdain have a greatly increased identification range and a damage increase when using archery. Their cities can be found on the western side of Agon in green and lush forests made of large, aged trees.



Orks are the brutes of Agon, second largest race of Agon, but what they lose to mahirim in height they gain in muscle mass. They are exceptional close-quarter fighters. This dense musculature gives Orks increased melee damage with all weapons and increased carry weight. Their settlements are made of stone in a realm with many active volcanos, with the landscape as brutal as they are.

Changing Race

You may change your race at any time by purchasing a Race Change Token from the ingame auction house or through the store on [[1]]. Once you use the token, you will be logged out and sent back to the character selection screen. You can remake your character and then log back into the game. You will still have your bank contents and all of your possessions.