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Bindstones exist all over Agon. They can be found at NPC cities, player cities, and chaos cities (N.B. Chaos cites bind stones are called Rune Glyphs). You can bind to them by approaching them and holding your Use key. You can only be bound to one bindstone at a time. You may return to a bindstone by using the bindstone recall skill if it is off of cooldown. Bindstonerecall.jpg

Housing In Agon

Scattered all over Agon are villages. Villages contain plots where players can place a player house if they have a crafted deed in their inventory. To craft a deed, you will have to collect a wide variety of resources and gold. There are five different kinds of houses. Cottage, house, villa, large villa and keep. See what you need to make a house deed on the crafting page. To see the locations of villages, consult the ingame map.

A village with houses

House Recall

House Recall Houserecall.jpg requires you to purchase the skill at the Arcanist. Once you have a house you can recall there at any time by using the house recall button below the minimap, or by binding the House Recall skill to a hotbar.

Capital Recall

If you Alignment is positive, you may use the capital recall skill to return to Sanguine. Capitalrecall.jpg

To use it, click on the button below your minimap and wait for your character to channel the spell. While channeling, you cannot move.

Capital recall will be put on cooldown when used or attempted to use. Mobs and other players can interrupt your recalls. The cooldown will decrease as your Alignment increases. Down to 30 minutes at an alignment of 1000.

Runestone for travelling

Runestones & Runebooks

Aside from recalling, there are magical runestones which are found on monsters and can be marked using the Teleport Anchor skill. These marked runes have a one time use and will channel a teleport (similar to recalling) which upon completion will consume the runestone and transport the player to where it was marked. These are a rare and valuable commodity as they can be marked anywhere except within a dungeon or in a player city! Runestones can be used in conjunction with Runebooks on Rune Glyphs (Alternate Use button) to create additional recall locations. Once a rune is placed in a Runebook it can be used as many times as one desires, provided the runebook has enough charge. Runebooks are required to be charged before use with portal shards, 2 shards are required for one charge. A small runebook with 6 slots can be purchased at the mage. Larger books can be found on the market or in the Coin Shop.

Rune Glyphs

Rune Glyphs are scattered throughout Agon. They are located in Chaos Cities for players to bind at if they do not have a player city or just want to live there for a bit.

Locations of Rune Glyphs in Agon

Portal Chambers

A Portal Chamber Entrance Level 3

Portal Chambers can be found in player cities and hamlets. A player can travel between portal chambers that are owned by the same clan (so called "portal network"). One or more portal shards are required to activate the portal chamber for traveling. One portal shard is required for players in the clan that owns the portal chamber. Three portal shards are required for players in a clan at war with the clan that owns the portal chamber. Two portal shards are required for all other players.

Portal Shard for traveling

Wilderness Portal Network

Throughout your travels you may find a variety of Wilderness Portals hidden around the world. These portals do not have any cost and provide one-way travel to another location. Keep an eye out for these on your travel to find out where they will take you! You can use your in-game map to find the location of Wilderness Portals. If you mouse over the portal icon a icon representing the portal exit will appear on your world map.

A village billboard in Sanguine

Village Billboards

As discussed in the Villages article, Capital NPC and Player Cities all contain Village Billboards. These billboards will transport you to one of the villages that is currently going live in Agon. While these villages are intended to be contested for their loot, you could use this system to transport yourself across Agon. Just be wary of potential enemies capturing the village!


Mounts now all travel at the same speed when running or when sprinting. Standard mounts have 300 health. Bluetails have 150 health and their stamina lasts twice as long. Battlehorns have more health but their stamina lasts less than a standard mount.

Naval warfare

Below is the list of the ships in Rise of Agon