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“Allows the enchanting of weapons, magestaffs, necklaces, rings, and armor.”

Enchanting in Rise of Agon allows players to greatly increase the value and power of items. The Chestpiece, Helm, and Shield are the only pieces of armor that can receive enchants.

Enchants consist of 3 Enchanting Components of which you will need 5 of each, a catalyst and 100 gold. All components and catalysts are received through drops on certain mobs, as well as being available through chests and treasure maps. Each component also has a quality level, quality 5 being the highest. Each quality level requires a certain skill in enchanting to use:

   Q1 – 1 Enchanting
   Q2 – 25 Enchanting
   Q3 – 50 Enchanting
   Q4 – 75 Enchanting
   Q5 – 100 Enchanting

The first 2 rows of the enchanting window are for regular enchants, the first row adding a prefix, the second row adding a suffix (Armor pieces can only have a suffix), while the last row is for transmuting weapons.

The first two rows in the enchanting crafting window are used for enchanting weapons and armour.

Enchanters are also able to put their enchants into Gems and sell them, although the price is increased based on the quality of gem used.

You will get more experaince when using higher quality materials e.g. 3x Q1 mats = x1 Exp but 3x Q3 mats gives x3 Exp. It is possible to mix and match quality levels when enchanting e.g 2x Q3 mats and 1x Q4 mat. This will give you a effect between a quality 3 enchant and a quality 4 enchant.

Enchant Materials

A list of all the enchanting materials and what drops them can be found on the Google Doc linked below:


Below is a list of known enchants (note it does not matter which order they are in, only that they are not in the last transmutation row):


Effect Catalyst Component 1 Component 2 Component 3
Keen (Extra Weapon Damage) Numen Bile Darktaint Cinder
Baneful Humans Ichor Lifeforce Quintessence Corpseflesh
Baneful Orks Numen Quintessence Greenleaf Hoarfrost
Baneful Alfars Nith Cinder Blood Sparkstone
Baneful Mirdains Ichor Bile Heart Venom Sac
Baneful Dwarves Numen Shadowcrest Eye Tooth
Baneful Mahirims Nith Hoarfrost Darktaint Heart
Baneful Golems Ichor Quintessence Quartz Bone
Baneful Dragons Numen Tooth Shadowcrest Bone
Baneful Undead Nith Lifeforce Horn Bile


Effect Catalyst Component 1 Component 2 Component 3
Strength Bonus Ichor Claw Blood Stormrune
Vitality Bonus Nith Lifeforce Greenleaf Darktaint
Dexterity Bonus Numen Quintessence Greenleaf Heart
Quickness Bonus Numen Venom Sac Sparkstone Horn
Intelligence Bonus Nith Venom Sac Greenleaf Shadowcrest
Wisdom Bonus Ichor Sparkstone Hoarfrost Stormrune


Effect Catalyst Component 1 Component 2 Component 3
Encumbrance Bonus Numen Horn Quartz Cinder
Health Bonus Nith Lifeforce Horn Heart
Mana Bonus Ichor Bile Darktaint Claw
Stamina Bonus Numen Tooth Claw Lifeforce
Resistance Bonus Nith Tooth Sparkstone Corpseflesh
Stamina Efficiency Ichor Venom Sac Horn Claw
Water Breathing Numen Eye Hoarfrost Stormrune
Spell Immunity Ichor Claw Tooth Cinder
Acid Protection Nith Quartz Bone Corpseflesh
Fire Protection Ichor Cinder Sparkstone Greenleaf
Cold Protection Numen Hoarfrost Blood Eye
Lightning Protection Nith Horn Eye Stormrune
Slashing Protection Ichor Quintessence Bile Greenleaf
Bludgeoning Protection Numen Corpseflesh Blood Horn
Piercing Protection Nith Bone Shadowcrest Heart
Arrow Protection Ichor Stormrune Shadowcrest Hoarfrost
Holy Protection Ichor Lifeforce Bone Tooth
Unholy Protection Numen Darktaint Sparkstone Blood
Mental Protection Nith Heart Quintessence Eye
Infliction Protection Ichor Corpseflesh Eye Tooth
Malediction Protection Numen Bone Shadowcrest Bile


Effect Catalyst Component 1 Component 2 Component 3
Mana Efficiency Nith Claw Lifeforce Sparkstone
Magnitude Nith Tooth Venom Sac Eye
Spell Duration Numen Corpseflesh Greenleaf Lifeforce
Spell Success Nith Quintessence Sparkstone Corpseflesh
Casting Time Ichor Bone Sparkstone Greenleaf