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Garmirs are the racial mounts that are the hallmark of the Dwarves.  To summon a Garmir, one need only to be of the Dwarven Race, to have the taming skill unlocked, and to have 1 steedgrass in their inventory.
The noble Garmir figurine


Health: 300
Stamina: 200
Required for Summoning: Level 1 Taming Skill, 1 Steedgrass


Garmirs originated in the snowy lands of Niflheim, where they served multiple purposes, including as mounts,  pack animals, and in tough times, as a meal!  They first made their way into Dvergheim around 5000 years ago, as the Chaldeans who traded often with the wild tribes of Niflheim introduced them to the Dwarves.  While at first wary of the cumbersome (and sometimes ill-tempered!) beasts, the Dwarves soon found the Garmirs ideally-suited for their harsh mountain climes, and they soon became the pack animal of choice for any mining escapades.  
A summoned Garmir
As the years passed, the temperament of the Garmirs has softened, to the point that the once fearsome beasts are now mostly docile.  Although their fierce loyalty to their masters remains intact. It is not uncommon to see small dwarven children playing with their Garmirs, almost as if they are just overgrown, shaggy dogs.  But beware to the ones who would dare raise a Garmir's ire, lest they find themselves trampled underfoot!