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Player vs Monster Combat


Various and sundry creatures, such as animals, monsters, humanoids, etc., inhabit the world of Agon, and are able to be killed and looted by players. Monsters like goblins, undead, hivekin and more inhabit some areas around starter cities. Kill these monsters using your melee weapons, archery, or magic to train your skills and stats and to increase your wealth.

Monsters across agon will become aggressive to the player at varying distances, some with magic, others with arrows and others rushing in for melee attacks. Monsters in Agon will not simply allow themselves to be beaten down without a fight though. Creatures will run back and forth, dodging your attempts to attack them and running back towards their allies for help. An adventurer can quickly find themselves overcome as more enemies are attracted. As the adventure slays more and more enemies, more and more enemies will respawn in the camp. Can you survive the onslaught?

Certain mobs are also weak to certain types of attack and magic. Experiment to find out what does the most damage.

All creatures in Agon take more damage from hits to the back, so place your attacks carefully!

You will have to use strategy and cunning to be successful in your adventures. Remember to use your transfer spells, food, and potions to sustain yourself. PvE combat in Rise of Agon can be much more difficult than PvE in other games.

As you increase in strength, seek out newer and more difficult mobs to continue your growth. Do not be afraid to venture out into the unknown. No two mob spawns are alike and some spawns contain chests or special resource caches.

PVE Monster List



When you kill a monster they will leave a grave behind, just like players. This grave can be opened by using the use key, “F” by default. You can loot the items on the grave by either single-clicking each item or by conventional drag-and-drop methods. For certain items like bags a right click is required to loot the item.

Once killed, a creature's body will vanish and be replaced by a gravestone. Approaching the gravestone and pressing the "use" key will enable looting. Creatures can have a wide variety of loot to offer the daring adventurer, ranging from melee weapons, staves, bows, crafting materials, gold, food, and precious gems. If you loot everything on the grave you will auto exit the grave, to exit while leaving items on the grave press the use once more. Graves of monsters last for 10 minutes from the moment they are created. Once you loot a item the timer goes down to 30 seconds. This help clear up lots of graves when farming mobs and shows you which ones you have not looted yet.

All creatures and animals in Agon drop materials for use in Enchanting. You will want to loot everything you kill in Agon as all monsters and animals have valuable resources and materials, including enchanting components.

Everything has a use so loot all of your graves. Anything you can't use can be sold to vendors or traded on the player auction house.

For more information about mob level, essences, skinning and gold drops as well as weaknesses you can consult this wonderful player made Google doc made by Ryco Stormeye.

The Google Doc is embedded below. If you wish to go to the orginal which is usefull for sorting, filtering or finding go to

Additional Information

For additional information on the creatures of Agon, their location, and their loot, you can consult either the in-game map by pressing the 'M' key and mousing over their POI on the map.