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Tailoring Skill

Turning cloth or leather into robes, leather, studded leather or bone armor. You can craft slowly from your bank or faster from the related crafting table. To craft mastery items, you will need to be standing near the workbench.

You can find the rare materials to use for this crafts scattered all over Agon. Data provided courtesy of Ryco Stormeye.

Location Cloth Mob
Mainland Chaldaen Ancient
Yssam Runic Snowclan Oracle
Niffleheim Spectral Wraith
Cairn Mystical Wildtribe Shaka
Rubiyat Abyssal Erodach
Location Rawhide and Leather Mob
Mainland Behemoth Behemoth
Yssam Scorched Scorpion King
Niffleheim Chitin Erodin
Cairn Mythical Gnoll Scourge
Rubiyat Royal Minotaur King